Baby Bamboo Weaning Bowl and Spoon Set - You Are My Sunshine

Baby Bamboo Weaning Bowl and Spoon Set - You Are My Sunshine

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Make feeding time a little easier with Wild and Stone’s You Are My Sunshine Baby Weaning Bowl and Spoon, avoid spills and mess by sticking the bowl down using the suction cup base to ensure it stays in place, which is removable as your little one grows out of their throwing phase.  Non-Slip Suction Base: Get readying for feeding time with no more mess, these bowls have a powerful suction base that sticks to the high chair or kitchen table like glue to prevent the plate from flipping over or spilling. The suction base will adhere to any smooth, flat, surface with no residue to make mealtime a lot less stressful. Silicone Tipped Spoon: These spoons are tipped with a super-soft, gum friendly silicone to protect your baby’s delicate mouth, with no sharp edges or corners that could harm gums or teeth. This silicone is free from any harmful chemicals and toxins.  This product is made from FSC® C007915 100% certified bamboo.

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